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Harmonization of Regional Trade Policies and Regulations: Prospects, Challenges and Opportunities

There have been several discussions in regard to opportunities that exist at regional trade. It has been noted that very few SME’s were trading regionally for different reason which included; SME’s have no capacity to produce enough to trade regionally, not aware of prevailing policies, poor infrastructure among other reasons. African governments have realized the need to work together in

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Teso Farmers Agribusiness to transform the seed sector through AAA partnership building

Teso Farmers Agribusiness Centre (TEFAC) is a private limited liability company, formerly operating as a sole proprietor business since 2009, and incorporated in 2012. Since its establishment the company has been able to carry out agribusiness activities; such as trainings in agronomic practices, supplying of quality farm agri-inputs, buying and bulking farm produce, in order to facilitate rural farmers increase

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