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Increasing productivity in dairy production

East Africa has great potential for a thriving dairy sector that produces high volumes of milk through relatively simple improvements in production and processing systems. One condition for a thriving dairy industry is increased productivity, a topic that is high on the agenda of Dairy CoP members. This Business Bulletin addresses several of the actions dairy entrepreneurs may take to

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Feed resource management, genetic improvement and disease control in smallholder dairy production systems

Smallholder dairy is an important component of agricultural production in Eastern and Central Africa (ECA) that provides the majority of milk marketed and consumed in the region. Dairy production is therefore essential in improving food and nutritional security as well as increasing household income. Several studies from ECA region have established that inadequate feeds and poor feeding systems, reproductive inefficiency,

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Supply chain mapping

A supply chain map is a graphic representation of what happens in and around a supply chain: it depicts actors in the chain and their connections, flows of products or goods, information, processes and key external influences, both upstream and downstream. A supply chain map is a powerful tool to visualize the macro context of a market. It helps you

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Good Practices in Extraction and Processing of Honey

After the honey is harvested from the hives, the next crucial step in obtaining good quality honey is hygienic extraction and proper processing. This Business Bulletin presents a birds eye view of good processing practices, including the steps to take for honey straining, pressing and centrifuge extraction and for the processing of liquid, creamed and granulated honeys. Download Good Practices

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Business Plan

A Business Plan is a written document that describes future business goals and objectives of a company, and the plans and strategy the company will follow to reach these goals. It summarizes and illustrates the what, the why and the how of a new business project or investment, including its financial background and projections. Download Business Plan AAA member manual

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Using Social Media to drive your brand

From LinkedIn and Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, social media platforms are everywhere on the Internet. Through social media, people share and exchange information, ideas, videos, pictures and files, in digital networks and online communities. The power of social media now resides in your hands and everyone can express themselves to the world and carve out and create their own

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