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Crop Insurance

Agriculture insurance is the protection which farmers buy from insurance companies for their crops and livestock. Farmers pay small amount of money (premium) to insurance companies to compensate them when they incur losses. Crop insurance available in Kenya are; crop insurance and livestock insurance. Click to access aaa_crop-insurance_30032017.pdf

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Sostac Model

The SOSTAC which is used to help businesses with market planning, is an acronym for the 6 basic elements;   Situation -where are we now?, Objectives -where do we want to get to?, Strategy -How are we going to get there? (Big picture), Tactics -How are we going to get there?-(detail ), Actions -Who is going to do what &

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Livestock Production Basics

Caring for livestock can be difficult when you don’t know the basics. Although different animals have certain different requirements, there are some basic needs that are common for all livestock. One needs to take necessary steps to ensure that their livestock gets through the toughest seasons. In this resource document, we get to know the different farm animals, different animals (such

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How to pitch and get funded

A pitch is a presentation by one or more people to  prospective investors. Its purpose is to; maximize an opportunity at-hand, grab your audience’s attention and leave them wanting to know more, to tell a story, to share your passion for your business opportunity, to share your personality, to communicate the confidence you have in your business and to set

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Sales skills: complaint handling

Complaint handling plays an important role in managing a company’s customer base. A well-handled complaint may turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied customer, bad publicity in to good publicity, and a potentially lost costumer in to a loyal one. So, how do we do this? This Business Bulletin provides valuable insights for dealing with unhappy customers, based on the

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Crops, Browse and Pollinators in Africa: An Initial Stock-taking

Pollination is an ecosystem service that is key to food security. Pollinators are essential for many fruit and vegetable crops. In agriculture, especially amongst pollen-limited crops, promoting pollination services is a means of increasing productivity without resorting to expensive agricultural inputs of pesticides or herbicides. Indeed, pollination services are most likely underpinning productivity in many crops without farmers even recognising

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