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The Buy Uganda Policy

The Buy Uganda Build Uganda Policy approved by cabinet in 2014 and its Implementation Strategy developed in 2016 is about: Promoting the consumption and use of locally manufactured goods and services (both through public sector procurement and the ordinary channels of commerce),  Promoting conformity to standards among other salient issues.

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Entrepreneurship, a Pathway to Decent Livelihood

Entrepreneurship is the change of mindset, ability to take a risk, willingness to gain capacity, develop an idea, organize and manage a business venture. In which case the following words are important to be understood: 1. Mindset, 2. Risk, 3. Willingness, 4. Capacity, 5. Idea, 6. Manage, 7. Business Venture.  

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Global Gap Certification

GAP stands for Global Good Agricultural Practices. Global Gap integrated Farm assurance (IFA) Standard covers the certification of the  whole agricultural production process from when the plant is in the ground( origin and propagation material control points) or from when the  animal enters the production process – livestock

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Sostac Model

The SOSTAC which is used to help businesses with market planning, is an acronym for the 6 basic elements;   Situation -where are we now?, Objectives -where do we want to get to?, Strategy -How are we going to get there? (Big picture), Tactics -How are we going to get there?-(detail ), Actions -Who is going to do what &

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Livestock Production Basics

Caring for livestock can be difficult when you don’t know the basics. Although different animals have certain different requirements, there are some basic needs that are common for all livestock. One needs to take necessary steps to ensure that their livestock gets through the toughest seasons. In this resource document, we get to know the different farm animals, different animals (such

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