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Launching the AAA Members App

Dear Members, Readers, It’s my great pleasure to launch the AAA Members App to the AAA Family. It’s been an interesting, exciting and fulfilling journey. Following communications research in 2015 which showed the high demand for greater member communication, AAA embarked in 2016 on a process to develop this powerful new tool. First testing at the Roundtable in Kigali in

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Supporting African SMEs through Solid Partnerships


Following recent Food crises in most African countries and more specifically Kenya, we can unanimously agree that food security in Africa can and must be improved. The quickest and most efficient way to reach this is to support small holder farmers to feed themselves and produce marketable surpluses. Agricultural value chain development with a critical role for Small and Medium

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Meru Agribusiness Expo; Arusha BC trains more than 400 farmers


Six organizations, namely Africa Agribusiness Academy Arusha BC, Meru  farmers’ (representatives from farmers’ groups or cooperatives of Meru district), Fert, AgriProFocus, SNV, TAHA, ACT/TAP, locked heads to organize the Meru Agribusiness expo held in Kikatiti on 27 through to 29 October 2016. Their aim was to enable farmers to learn on the improved techniques and accessing proper inputs (both in

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Sector Desks were introduced as a new approach to deliver AAA services to its members in different sectors.  They aim at adding value to AAA services and activities by delivering tailor made and sector specific event and training that will tackle different challenges that members are facing in the sector. This will also develop and allow members to share knowledge

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AAA Malawi – Looking back after a year.


AAA Malawi, the newest Chapter, struck a year in July 2016. Since its beginning, from recruitment to the task force it has not been an easy road to walk but things are just beginning to pick up. Malawi, known as “The Warm Heart of Africa” because of the nature of warmth in its people is a landlocked country situated in

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Supporting AAA Members through AAA Activities


Every end of each year AAA through Business Clubs carries out need assessment to its members. This helps AAA to identify key need areas for its members and find solutions to these needs. In this year, each Chapter, Business Club and Sector Desks had a work plan to which they were to implement the activities. Kenya chapter hosted a number

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The marketing strategy in every SME is a key which helps to expand the company’s performance. Competition in the SME sector is at an all-time high. Brands looking to grow and survive in the market require strategic positioning to present a winning competitive edge. Today’s consumer not only has more choice, but is also more informed and with more forums

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How to realize the best of Africa Agribusiness Academy by the Arusha BC – Tanzania


With efforts to publicize and bring awareness of the existence of AAA, the Arusha BC in Tanzania held a luncheon on 28 August 2016 for Small and Medium Enterprises. Present was the AAA (TZ) Country Chairman, BC leader, PUM representative, members and invited SMEs. AAA Values Presented to SMEs The Country Chairman took the platform and made a presentation about

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