AAA Buddy Program

The AAA Buddy Program is a mentorship and coaching program that was launched by Africa Agribusiness Academy in response to the midterm term review that was conducted in 2016. The MTR revealed among others that the members are yearning for guided growth. The SME members want to grow by benchmarking other AAA members who have gone through the pangs of growth.

The SMEs find comfort in sharing their fears, dreams and challenges with fellow AAA members in a B2B contact arrangement. Peer review of business plans, aiding the junior/upcoming companies/entrepreneurs is well received.

AAA since inception has always had this Mentorship and Coaching objective in its future plans. Now that the African organization is taking shape with the Business Club as a unit of organization, AAA is ready to activate a program of Mentorship and Coaching (M&C) done by members for members under the AAA framework. Members who show interest in the needs assessment can thereafter be linked to a mentor within the AAA network.

See the video attached for more details.