MEGAVET EA is promoting seeds industries in Rwanda

Seeds are the primary basis for human sustenance. They are the repository of the genetic potential of crop species and their varieties resulting from the continuous improvement and selection over time. Crop improvement and the delivery of high quality seeds and planting materials of selected varieties to growers is necessary for ensuring improved crop production and meeting growing environmental challenges. Food security therefore is dependent on the seed security of farming communities.”

Rwanda case, MEGAVET EA Ltd a pioneer member of Africa Agribusiness Academy Rwanda Chapter from September 2104 is the first local company specialized in repackaging the different types of seeds in seeds industries. With experience of more than 15 years MEGAVET EA is repackaging different hybrid seeds imported from Asia, Europe and South America.

Currently the company has two good brands named, “my seeds” and “my crops”. Those two brands have been put on market after conducting the adoptability researches to verify if the seeds will respond to farmers needs especially increase of  yield productivity and resistance to bacteria and infection. MEGAVET launched MySeeds as MEGAVET seeds brand with a mission to develop seeds industries in Great Lakes Region.

Three years ago in their membership in Africa Agribusiness Academy, MEGAVET Ltd has grown and has introduced a new brand “MyCrop,” a brand with varieties of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides used to protect the crops against infection and bacteria. MEGAVET EA Ltd has five branches in four corners of the Country Musanze in the North, Rubavu and Rusizi in the West, Nyagatare in the East and Kigali as head office with 150,000 farmers. Each branch has an agronomist and a vet who assists farmers with coaching programs from seedling to harvest (yield). Indeed, MEGAVET offers different services like importing of different Agri-inputs, training farmers and distribution of different agribusiness products in different parts of the country and neighbouring countries.

“MEGAVET EA Ltd is planning to implement seed technology to increase agriculture production through the spread of good quality seed of high yielding varieties which help a rapid multiplication, a timely supply, and assured high quality of seeds and to a reasonable price ……. And Invest in seeds industries for sustainable agriculture and food security at home,” Emmanuel Ntihinyurwa, the owner said.