AAA Bringing Network to My Business

The sky is blue, bringing a dash of rain clouds as the sun tries to peep through them. I am sitting comfortably in my office here at the Limbe Cathedral looking at the Blantyre BC WhatsApp group. AAA came right on time.

I set my eyes on the chairs settling well in front of my table. This takes me down memory lane when AAA Director, Blantyre BC Assistant and AAA Malawi Country Coordinator paid me a visit to discuss on how I can become a member. Listening to the 3 representatives talking about AAA brought a rush of excitement and eagerness in hearing something new and fresh for my business, especially something with a good selling point never heard of in Malawi. I was hooked.

Laughter filled the room, and I was utterly amazed at the instant network built between myself and the Director. Sharing with him the nature of our business, Mhinje Farm, which specializes in production of herbal crops and our plans of expanding our product range by producing new products such as pumpkin powder, he couldn’t help but link me up with a member in the pumpkin seeds sector.

After showing them operations of our company, from the whole production chain to the packaging and distribution, I could not help but be amazed at the array of insights I gained on how to produce and package my products from the director. I had no option but to join AAA.

AAA networking has made a huge impact on my business. Through the AAA WhatsApp groups I have learned of another business venture and gained insights on it through a fellow member, priceless information which does not come for free. I also gained information on solar driers from a member in Tanzania, information I would have had to pay for had I not been part of the network.