“Will I be able to exhibit in the different exhibitions”?

As a membership organization our major interest is member satisfaction, and members participating in many of these in the various chapters have exceeded their expectation.

Many times while participating in exhibitions, potential members approach the designated place and ask! How will I benefit if I pay my membership.”? My face beams with pride as I answer back, “You will actually have a chance to exhibit at such an event just like the rest of us are doing today.”

What more would a very serious entrepreneur need other than being part of a much needed network like this. Participating in an exhibition could actually be a one stop center for all the much needed benefits one would be looking forward to in an entrepreneur organization like Africa Agribusiness Academy.

Through exhibitions people have managed to network, crack business deals, meet with the angel sponsors, and learn from other exhibitors on how one can improve on their products and this is where all our benefits rotate.

Exhibitions have also brought AAA on the Africa Map and one of the leading networks where all the gurus in the Agribusiness sector get to meet in one place and share. “If there is one thing that has worked well for me in my business, it’s this Jinja exhibition. I sell and finish all my products in 1 or 2 days for an event that last more than 6 days.” Joyce Kyalema AAA Member- Uganda.