Founded in 2010, AAA is one of the fastest growing entrepreneur networks of the small and medium scale agribusiness firms in Africa.

Many at times when an idea is growing we sit at tables and draw out plans, do research and document as much as we can for reference when the actual work starts. This may work in many occasions but there is one unique thing amongst all that has made many go places even in the first year of operation and that is involvement in “Partnerships that matter.”

Looking back in 2010, Africa Agribusiness Academy has beat all the Odds at this. With the Idea growing in the 1st three countries of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, the spirit of openness and willingness to partner with the rest has enabled it expand to Rwanda, Ethiopia and Malawi and yes …looking forward to expanding further to other African countries. Bravo to the team it has indeed taken too much commitment, hard work and patience to achieve this.

Partnerships have always been part of AAA. No wonder it has remained on top of its game and this is one of its unique selling points. As Strive Masiyiwa put it, “New green revolution is not to be about receiving aid but about Partnerships,” and yes today we totally believe this 100%. At Seven years of existence in the sector this has worked for us.

With our first growing membership we preach partnering in the agribusiness sector mostly in Africa. One of our members Alex Mutua, owner of Goshen Farm Exporters Limited, gave an account of how PUM came in handy in helping him put his business in order and accessing Dutch markets. He also shared that as a result of working closely with PUM, he benefited from an exchange visit to the Netherlands. “Through the learning visit, I was able to get two international clients,” notes Alex. Without Partnerships how would Alex have gone this far?