Hortinet Benefits from AAA trainings and networking platforms

According to Merriam-Webster’s definition of a success story, a success story is “a story of a person who rises to fortune, acclaim, or brilliant achievement”. Africa Agribusiness Academy, in her mission statement aims to foster innovation and growth for Small and Medium Agribusiness Enterprises in Africa, with the hope that member company’s rise to fortune and brilliant achievement. AAA has done just that for Hortinet.

Hortinet is an agribusiness company based in Lilongwe, Malawi which was established in 2008. When AAA started her ground work in Malawi in August 2015, Hortinet was one of the founding members with the expectation to benefit from AAA through the networking platforms in terms of business capacity building. Hortinet, being given the leadership role of AAA Malawi’s Lilongwe BC Leader, started working closely with AAA, putting in the exemplary effort to fellow members, in attending Business Club activities and participating in AAA networking events.

Recently this year, 2017, I had the privilege to sit down with the owner of Hortinet, Mr Frankie Washoni, in the AAA office. He was very excited and happy, ready to share his recent achievement. “Ah Connie, I think AAA has a lot to do with these successes I have been having,” he said.

We both remembered the Business Plan Development training that took place in 2016 under the facilitation of AAA Finance coach Mr Elijah Kang’ara. At that same time there was a call for concept notes for the Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund.

You know, even though I may not have made it to the final round of the challenge fund, one thing I know is I have a deeper understanding of how to develop a business plan, and how to manage my business finances. These are the basic things members miss. As a business owner you need to put your books in order, not having a briefcase company.”

He appreciated the effort of having developed his business plan with Mr Kang’ara who coached him up to round two of the challenge fund, mostly through emails and skype calls.

But look,” he showed me a letter, “I sent in another concept note to apply for the Matching Grant for the Business to Business Linkages Fund. Hortinet has succeeded and has acquired 20,000 USD from it.  Would this have been possible without AAA?”

He also shared with me on the business model he was planning to embark on. “I have seen members from the other AAA chapters engaging in this model but it’s not yet here in Malawi. I am also getting a lot of solar drying technique information from one member in Tanzania. This information I am getting at no cost and AAA has made it possible through their networking platform.”

His enthusiastic gestures and passion for AAA shows a lot also in his leadership of the Lilongwe Business Club, as he leads through his success story which acquires him the ability to recruit new members into the AAA Malawi Chapter. He is one of the many who are ready to go far with AAA.