Blantyre BC Revived

“If you want to go quick, go alone but if you want to go far go with someone.” This phrase is used extensively but only takes a great leader to produce the results.

Blantyre BC, since the opening of the new country chapter, AAA Malawi, in August 2015, has struggled with membership and has experienced challenges with leadership. On 27 April 2017, that all changed with new active leadership in place and new members recruited. The BC showed signs of revival.

Old and new members met at the Serendib Suite and Conference Center in Blantyre for a planning and induction meeting with the aim of introducing and welcoming new members to the AAA network and to decide which activities can commence within the BC.

Sharing the benefits of the AAA network with new members, Mhinje Farm owner and AAA Blantyre BC Leader, Mr Mavuto Kapyepye, stated that networking in AAA has made a huge impact within his business. Due to the value in networking he learnt and gained information on another business from a fellow member. In addition, on his quest to finding information on solar driers, one member from Tanzania provided that information to him. “And this is not information you can freely get from anywhere else. I posted on the AAA WhatsApp groups concerning solar driers and that is how one member has helped me. The AAA network is all about information sharing and knowledge,” he stated. In response to hearing the benefits of AAA, many new members were more than thrilled to become part of a new venture.

To add value to our members, and to enjoy the benefits of being an AAA member, the meeting gave a time slot for guest speaker, Chikondano Chisala of NBS Bank, who took members through the basic financial management skills with a simplified presentation. Members learnt a number of skills with key learning on;

  • The value of depreciation depends on the asset. Livestock is depreciated according to gender, age, breed
  • A diary under petty cash also includes non-financial transactions, e.g., keeping current activities of what you are doing in your farm
  • The cash flow only shows transactions of what is happening in the business but does not show how much you are making