Activation of Western Business Club

Western BC members, both old and new, together with AAA Vice Chairperson, Country Chairperson, Executive Assistant to AAA Director & Country Coordinator, gathered together on 21 April 2017 at Highmark Dairy Farm in Kashaka town, Mbarara.

The BC, which is the second biggest BC with the largest producer of dairy products in the Ugandan chapter had been inactive for over 6 months due to a few concerns. The key issues in the meeting included selection of New BC Leader & Assistant and recruitment of new members.

The BC Leader intended to resign, but members wanted their leader to remain in position as he is a role model in the community. It was in their interest hence to find him an assistant to help with the coordination of activities.

Vice Chairperson Dr. Stephen Birungi, in attendance, told members AAA was formed to enable agribusiness entrepreneurs to network and exchange skills.  He asked members to suggest ways on how AAA can help them attain successful businesses to which they responded;

  • Financial support for revival of their businesses
  • Follow up of members after trainings and move from theoretical training to practical training for tangible results which will in turn attract other members.
  • The leader identified a communication problem where members do not respond to emails, calls, don’t keep time when invited for BC meetings which makes him loose morale.
  • Problem of resistant ticks in cattle.
  • Government liberalizing veterinary drugs in shops hence duplicate drugs on market.
  • Members requested for company visits to help in suggesting possible solutions to their problems.
  • Members also requested to carry out exchange visits with other BCs.
  • They are surrounded with water bodies but have no capacity of solving the irrigation problem.
  • Requested for one on one training.
  • Technical support in proposal writing.
  • Fish farmers also requested to have a program with AAA because they are already organized into a cooperative society.

He hence responded to members requests in various ways;

  • AAA has changed from theoretical trainings to mentorship programs.
  • He identified a communication problem of members not responding to emails and requested them to confirm participation in meetings to help Bc leaders plan with ease and also help in coming up with training trajectories.
  • In regards to resistant ticks he advised farmers to use qualified veterinary doctors at their farms and as well have the knowledge about quality genuine Vet drugs on the market. Alfasan Factories, owned by Dr. Stephen, are developing a drug which will be availed to the farmers soon. They will also be provide training to farmers on how to spray the pests through zoning or rotation.
  • Fish farmers in the region where promised to have a desk with AAA if the number is big enough to warrant it.

The chairperson Ms. Judith Bakirya thanked the members for attending the meeting and encouraged them to embrace farming and networking as it is the current fashion.