Honey Sector Desk Training, 25 – 26 April 2017

The Honey Sector Desk will have a training on “Inclusive Business Model and Business Canvas”  to be held in Kampala, Uganda.

The training Objectives include,
1.Understanding Inclusive business Model Performance vs. Practicality of IBM.
2.Engaging the stakeholders  as employees, suppliers, distributors or consumers and expand their economic opportunities

The trainings will help your business to facilitate a systematic learning process between actors from a selected value chain (Honey) and discover new opportunities for innovations, based on the application of a participatory toolkit, with four main tools.

1.The honey value chain map: Use to understand the macro context of markets and the businesses which link rural producers with buyers.
2.The business model canvas: Used to understand in more details each business which link rural producers with buyers.
3.The New Business Model principles: Used to determine whether each business which links rural producers with buyers is truly Inclusive.
4.The Prototype cycle: Used to continuously improve the inclusiveness  of every business which links rural producers with buyers.

By end of the trainings, you will;
•Understand  the relationship between specific business models (buyers and seller) and the overall value chain
•Identify  critical areas for improvement.
•Design, implement, evaluate and improve on the innovation prototype for the honey business model.
•Evaluate the effects of these changes on small-holder farmers and on the honey business itself.