AAA Mbeya shares their success stories to potential members

A lot of SMEs believe that the most tangible and immediate success they want in business is “MONEY” but this has not been the case for members in the Mbeya BC. They believe in the power of networking and grabbing the opportunities presented to them through shared information and coaching.

Recently, on 8 February 2017, the BC was recruiting new members from the Njombe region, with at least 13 potential members in attendance. After a presentation on AAA, current members shared the benefits they received from being an AAA member.

Frank Amos, owner of Frank Horticultural Company Ltd, has been an active member of AAA since 2014. His efforts in participating in AAA activities have been tremendously amazing. During the recruitment in his presentation he shared three major points explaining what values he got from AAA.

Firstly, through AAA he got Market Network that boosted his sales since 2015.  He participated at one of the major Exhibition in Dar-es-Salaam where his aim was not only to sell his products but also to learn from others. He was very fortunate that the stall was visited by a major distributor and he liked his products. Contacts were exchanged and he was linked to two major buyers.

Secondly in BC meetings Frank has been networking with different members. In one of the BC meetings, members were given an opportunity to share their products for branding, packaging and labeling advice. “I got so many positive advices from my fellow BC members that made me re-brand my products.  You may not see the benefit here but trust me I would have paid for this service but I got it free from my fellow members. I also got some advice on how to improve my business, this is what we call learning from practical experience. Learning from people who have had the same challenges that we all face in our businesses”. He said.

It is also from the same BC that Frank was linked to a major distributor of fruits and vegetables in Mbeya City. “I live in Njombe and do business in Mbeya but I was not aware of this distributor. I would like to thank Rose Maluila of Rohi Company for linking me to this distributor who buys my products in whole sale and distributes to other markets in Mbeya,” he said.

Another member, Mr Rodgers of Rogimwa Company, also shared his success with potential members. His success lies on the Use of Information being shared by the AAA Chapter office.

In December 2015, the Country Coordinator shared the opening of AECF window for Tanzania and requested all interested members to apply. AAA also offered a coach (Mr. Elijah Kang’ara) to assist members in developing their Business Plans. “I thought this was a great opportunity for my business and I decided to contact Elijah for assistance. He guided me on what is needed for me to prepare to acquire the fund. Although we could not meet in person, the use of email was helpful” Rodgers stated.   He was called at the AECF offices in Dar es Salaam and they visited his company in Mbeya. Currently the funding process is at the final stage as AAA awaits to hear on Rogers accessing the fund.