Harvest Money Expo 17th-19th February 2017, Namboole

Since 2010, the New Vision has been providing farmers with information through its Harvest Money Pullout published every Tuesday which boosted many farmers’ dreams in commercializing their Agricultural Initiatives. With the information attained over the years and in an effort to reduce the gap between the suppliers of Agro based products and the farmers, they organized an exhibition where knowledge would be exchanged based on experiences and needs assessment.

It attracted all sorts of farmers, students and entrepreneurs from the Agricultural Sector. Some of the companies included; veterinary companies, agri seeds companies, Agricultural Services companies, among others and various sponsors such as NAADs, UNGA Millers, DFCU Bank.

AAA participated in the exhibition with 9 members from the five sectors. The members got a chance to meet and network with one another, exchange business deals with potential customers, sharing knowledge as well as market connections. Members showcased their products, made sales and offered various trainings to farmers such as bee keeping, poultry farming, and livestock farming hence sharing experiences.

AAA member Mr. Sewranga Robert of Agrarian Systems taught poultry farmers the best ways to reap from poultry.

The exhibition played a vital role in enforcing membership fees payments as only paid up members were invited to exhibit. As a result 5 members made payments. It was as well a recruitment ground for new members where 15 potential members were identified and follow ups are to be undertaken shortly after the exhibition by the country coordinator.

All in all AAA members who exhibited made sales and business deals. A case in point was Delta bees and Butenga Farmers, which made smiles on their faces and wished all exhibitions were like this particular one.

One of the members Mr. Abanyu Simon of Delta Bees is remarked to have said; “I am very grateful for being part of the AAA family because it has brought me many business deals, which have been a source of market for my products, and hence growth for my business.”