Launching the AAA Members App

Dear Members, Readers,

It’s my great pleasure to launch the AAA Members App to the AAA Family.

It’s been an interesting, exciting and fulfilling journey.

Following communications research in 2015 which showed the high demand for greater member communication, AAA embarked in 2016 on a process to develop this powerful new tool.

First testing at the Roundtable in Kigali in April helped to refine and improve the app, with members needs and demands fully central to its development.

Recognizing the increasing role of technology in the world today, AAA is launching  this mobile-based application which will help to keep the network in touch and provide “on the go” tools, resources and knowledge for our members.

Through the mobile app, members will be able to share experiences and hold discussions at sector level in real time. This ensures that members constantly benefit from each other and learn lessons to help them grow their businesses.

Our commitment as AAA is to stimulate entrepreneurship and increase food security in Africa and we believe that in order to achieve this, we have to innovate and put in place resources, systems and structures that enable people to access knowledge, training and a network in which they can be empowered to increase productivity.

Gone are the days when agriculture was looked down upon; today, the world recognizes the vital role that entrepreneurs in our sector play and therefore it is our mission to continue promoting this relevance.

The AAA members’ mobile app is available on android, IOS and windows phones. Go ahead today and download the AAA app to help you be in touch with a supportive network of people and resources from which you can thrive.

Inside this launch newsletter, you can find important resources to help you get started with the app. As always, we welcome your comments and questions at:

Congratulations to AAA upon this achievement!

Farid Karama
AAA Director