World Egg day and AAA Poultry SD training – Celebrated colorfully in Ethiopia

World Egg day is a unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and is celebrated in countries all around the world.  Eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein, rich in amino acids, calcium, sodium, iodine, selenium, choline and vitamin A, B, D & E; described by nutritionists, as a large vitamin pill – a mineral cocktail which contains all the essential vitamins and minerals required for a healthy diet.

About the 2016 World Egg Day

The concept of “World egg day” was created by IEC Vienna in 1996 in order to promote natures

Vitamin pill on the second Friday of October each year. The day is seen as an opportunity to ensure that everyone knows that eggs are an excellent and affordable source of high quality protein, with potential to feed the world.

World Egg Day Addis 2016 and AAA Poultry Sector Desk Training- Oct. 14 & Oct 15

 The two days event was celebrated by the AAA Poultry Sector Desk in collaboration with other partner organizers of the event, the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry Health. The Sector Desk has gave the technical training to the members under the sector and potential members who have the desire and wish to join AAA. Twenty participants attended the technical training, including one member from the Kenya Chapter. The training had a high profile expert who has a prominent role in the Poultry Sector nationally and has successful deliverables on researches and trainings within the sector.  As per the feedback collected from the participants, they were very happy on the overall performance of the training and they found it practically value adding to their business and had acquired pure knowledge to take home.

Outcome of the event

The major outcome of the event was the awareness creation in consumption of eggs and the promotion of the poultry sector by bringing both producers and consumers in one place at a time. As such kind of events are an ideal choice to network with potential clients and existing customers and professionals in the field, more outcomes were expected. These included;

  • Stakeholders at front levels of the poultry value chain had get a greater chance of promoting their products and services to their customers.
  • The latest innovations and technology outputs were identified.
  • Market linkages were created between producers of egg and potential buyers & facilitate trade within the sector.
  • It brought knowledge transfer on preparation of different egg meal recipes that can easily be prepared at home.
  • Investment in the poultry industry was attracted
  • Fellow members were motivated through a company visit of a successful AAA member poultry firm
  • There was more awareness of egg producers about the demand of quality, that will make the sector to be more demand driven in the market system
  • Stakeholders were initiated to strive for better achievements
  • Real time solutions were provided, for current challenges and upcoming issues through the presentations and workshop.
  • There was an increase in the awareness of the society regarding poultry products which in turn aid the growth of local demand for the products.
  • Media campaign was executed to disseminate information about the nutritional value of egg.

In conclusion, the event was a huge success, accomplished within the AAA Poultry sector desk activities. A greater lesson was learned from the planning process and implementation of the event and will be adopted to other sector desks for better achievements.