World Eggs Day & Layer Management training, 13 -15 October

  1. Intro Worlds Eggs Day

The concept of “World egg day” was created by IEC Viena in 1996 in order to promote natures vitamin pill on the second Friday in each year. The day is seen as an opportunity to make sure that everyone knows that eggs are an excellent and affordable source of high quality protein, with potential to feed the world. The 2016 World egg day will be celebrated on 14th and 15th of October around the globe.

Objective of the Worlds Eggs Day

  • Awareness creation to increase the consumption of egg in the society
  • Promotion of different egg dishes and chicken meals including its preparation
  • Creating market linkages between farmers and traders or end‐users

Program Description – World Egg Day Addis 2016

  • An Egg Festival that provides various types of egg meals by fast food chains, restaurants and hotels to be sold with a low cost.
  • An expo will be also be part of the event to create market linkages between farmers that produce egg and potential buyers, which are mainly hotels, restaurants, pastries, supermarkets, etc…
  • Media campaign will be executed to disseminate information about the nutritional value of egg.

Members in the Poultry Sector Desk will be having this event on 13 – 15 October in Ethiopia. Contact Person: OR