How to realize the best of Africa Agribusiness Academy by the Arusha BC – Tanzania

With efforts to publicize and bring awareness of the existence of AAA, the Arusha BC in Tanzania held a luncheon on 28 August 2016 for Small and Medium Enterprises. Present was the AAA (TZ) Country Chairman, BC leader, PUM representative, members and invited SMEs.

AAA Values Presented to SMEs

The Country Chairman took the platform and made a presentation about AAA and the values it offers to its members. The mentioned values included assisting members in four main business areas;

  1. Entrepreneurship; where members get knowledge from different events organized by the academy and creation of market opportunities among members and with farmers.
  2. Finance and business development; he explained how members rreceive active support and mentoring in the elaboration and development of bankable business plans suitable for acquiring loans.
  3. Knowledge and skills; acquiring skills through mentorship and coaching based on practical experiences and lessons learnt through the Academy network.
  4. Business environment; benefitting from a more conducive enabling environment created through the joint efforts of the Academy members.

In his elaboration, he explained that AAA works with other organizations to ensure its members obtain the required skills for them to grow. It is for this reason that PUM was invited to present the services they offer to SMEs. During her presentation, Ms. Christine stated that PUM offers technical assistance to SMEs within their different sectors.

Service Delivering Approach

The Country Chairman went further by explaining how the AAA values are offered to members;

  1. Business Clubs; this is a place where members meet, share their experiences, link, learn, support & make business deals.
  2. Sector Desks; are groups of members who work together to tackle challenges and identify opportunities in SME in a specific sector. The mentioned active sectors included Honey, Agri-input, Fruits and Veggies,  Poultry and  Animal Feeds and Dairy.
  3. Trainings; are tailor made based on members’ need. AAA works with a group of well blended trainers (both internal and external) and coaches who are members themselves.
  4. Resource Centre; where all information (based on different sectors) is posted for members to learn, tackle and discuss on some key issues.

 Reactions from Participants.

Four SMEs  agreed on filling the application form to join AAA. At the end of the luncheon the Chapter had 3 potential members and one member who requested for PUM contacts.