From old to new. Honey Products Industries rebrand after the Branding and Packaging Training.

Following the Branding and Packaging training which took place on 1 and 2 March 2016 in Lilongwe, Malawi, it was not long when Honey Products Industries, a member company owned by Victor Mhango and Fredrick Matress, decided to improve on their brand.

During the training, AAA Branding and Packaging trainer, Mr Perminus Kariuki visited Honey Products Industries to discuss on matters of rebranding with one of the business owners, Mr Fredrick Matress. A striking conversation filled the room when the 2 gentlemen brain stormed on HPI’s slogan as well as improving more on the visibility of the brand name. “Natures Sweet Drops,” is one of the slogans they had brainstormed on and is now the blueprint of HPI. Matress was more than enthusiastic to improve on his brand and he ensured his company was on it.

Talking to him, Mr Matress, about a month ago, he was more than thrilled to share what the rebrand brought to his company. “We have a good response from our customers, especially shop and super market owners that now our honey is moving and is more appearing to people and there is a big change. We now have a 55% increase in our sales,” he stated. To add more in his statement, it is through the new brand that they managed to sign a new contract with the biggest chain store in Malawi, Peoples Trading Center (PTC), feeding honorable members of Parliament in Malawi and being recognized with other end supermarkets locally.

Proudly to say, Honey Products Industries is not the only member company in AAA Malawi which benefited from the branding training. Another member, Thanthwe Enterprise within the Fruits and Vegetables Sector Desk also benefited from the training. “The branding and packaging training was an eye opener for Thanthwe. Now we have new business cards, a new website and new facebook page. We are more visible now than before the training,” owner Mrs. Ngabaghila Chatata stated.

The Africa Agribusiness Academy, a membership organization, seeks to foster innovation and growth of small and medium enterprises with the aim of increasing rural income and food security in Africa. Its goal is to bring value to members, especially through various trainings with the hope that the outcome and impact will not only affect the member, but Africa as a whole. When successful stories are shared, such as that of Honey Products Industries and Thanthwe Enterprises, it motivates the Academy to dig deeper and expand its mission goals to organizations which are ready to go to the next step and level.