A Graduate’s Encounter with the AAA team and the Poultry Visit in Nyeri

As an Agribusiness graduate and a young entrepreneur striving to grow my start-up in the agri-sector, I am always in the look-out for opportunities to learn and interact more with stakeholders in Agribusiness.

On Monday 23rd May 2016 I and my team walked into an event organized by NABC (Netherlands- Africa Business Council). Something special about the day, was my interaction with a team from Africa Agribusiness Academy (AAA) and to learn of the many strides they are making in supporting Agribusiness SMEs and start-ups such as the one I am endeavoring to bring off the ground.

A short presentation into how exactly they support the SMEs left me nodding my head as it was clear it is what I and other Agripreneurs needed to be able to grow their SMEs into giant companies. After the presentation I picked up a conversation with the team and to my surprise they even accorded I and my team a chance to join them in a visit to one of the top companies in Kenya as far as Poultry farming and processing is concerned (Brade Gate Poultry In Nyeri, Kenya).

That visit was an eye opener and a gate way to a lot of learning and many opportunities that exist in the Poultry value chain and in other areas too. You can be sure that I asked every single question pertaining running of agribusiness ventures during the visit. I managed to interact with other Agri-preneurs from other different countries namely Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania, just to mention a few. I learnt mostly of what they were also doing in their country.

As a recent agribusiness graduate it was extremely amazing to learn of the current trends and opportunities in the sector and amazing to learn from AAA and from other agri-preneurs of how I can grow my start-up into a level where its impact is felt across Africa and beyond. It was also a start of a meaningful relationship between my small team and the entire AAA fraternity including their director who is very friendly and supportive especially to the youths.

All this happened courtesy of AAA (Africa Agribusiness Academy)

George Thuo
CEO and Founder-Portico Group Ltd (P.G.L.)
Graduate, Kenyatta University- Dec 2015
B.Sc (Agribusiness Management and Trade)