Quiet, yet heavy showers penetrated through the fogy mists in what seemed to be a cold day, but not one that could stop the event for the Blantyre BC Recruitment. About a few metres from his office, Mavuto Kapyepye led AAA Director, Farid Karama, BC Assistant, Wongani Mkandawire and Malawi Coordinator, Constance Munyenyembe to his small factory. Herbal products is what his firm, Muhinje Farm produces. He led us around the small factory, showing us the machine he uses, the packaging bottles and brand labels he uses for his bottles.

Like him, many other potential members we met expressed such great interest and joy in hearing the brief description of AAA and its impact to SMEs in Agribusiness. The delivery of the benefits of being an AAA member by Mr Farid Karama made an enormous impact to Malawi potential members, as he shared with them a few innovative ideas which current members in the other Chapters have and are embarking on. Many of the potential members present were ready and willing to pay their registration and membership fee that day!

In total, 6 potential members were met and their companies visited. All amazed the AAA Director with stories of their entrepreneurship journey to date. The story of Tapiwa Gwaza was a very fascinating one. She started off as an air hostess but is now managing a veterinary firm, proving that as long as you have the passion and drive, you can do anything your heart desires.


Tapiwa Gwaza, managing director of Share Care Vet

Another lady, Mrs Maggie Mambiya, upon hearing about AAA through a current member decided to get things straight, reconstructed her firm in preparation for the company visit. Her drive and passion to build her family business was expressed through her demonstration to her company buildings which we saw for ourselves.

As AAA, we cannot help but be ready to foster innovation and growth to Mr Paul Madula who is into quails rearing, Mrs Sabbina Mlusu who is into chicken rearing and others.


Mr Paul Madula, Wongani Mkandawire – BC Blantyre assistant and AAA Director – Farid Karama looking at newly hatched quails

Mr Raymond Banda, whose farm we did not visit due to the heavy rains in Blantyre was very excited and enthusiastic about AAA and said he was willing to bring on board 4 of his friends in Agribusiness.

After the intense exercise AAA Director confirmed his visit to Malawi was not in vain. Mr Wongani Mkandawire, was happy with the recruitment and company visits and could not help but show his excitement on where Blantyre BC is headed.

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