The Original Rwanda Coffee

SAKE Coffee is a final product of SAKE FARM Ltd, a private company registered in Rwanda and experienced in producing coffee 17 years ago.

Image: Arabica Bourbon Coffee, the original coffee grown in Rwanda by SAKE FARM Ltd

Sake coffee is a fully washed coffee processed in coffee washing station since 2003 in Eastern province of Rwanda, Ngoma District, Sake Sector at 115 Km from Kigali. The sweet coffee with Aroma, is a product of sake coffee plantation and 2,400 farmers. The coffee produced is a type of Arabica Bourbon coffee grown in soil derived from schist, sandstone and quartzite with average annual precipitation between 1000mm-1200mm at 1450m of altitude near SAKE Lake. The SAKE Coffee in +15 grade is sold at Local market in hotels, Restaurants and exported at international market in America, in Europe and in Asia.

After becoming a member of Africa Agribusiness Academy Rwanda Chapter in August 2014, SAKE FARM Ltd is growing well. The AAA network helped SAKE FARM Ltd to improve coffee plantation through the agriculture best practices gained from other AAA members and the production were systematically increased. After two sessions of trainings on Branding, labeling and packaging one in Arusha and the second in Kigali- Rwanda, the Managing Director of SAKE Farm Ms Laititia Kayitesire expanded the packaging from 500 grammes to 250 grammes and packing also the beans coffee which is much sold at international market. In future projections SAKE FARM Ltd is planning to start processing and packing the instant coffee which will help the company to earn more profits. SAKE FARM Ltd is developing rural area by increasing the income of poor people where 30 women and men are everyday working in Sake Farm  to maintain the plantation of coffee.