Malawi as the New AAA Chapter

It has been 6 months since Malawi came on board as the new AAA chapter. The Chapter has gone through a number of events since August 2015, with members and a full board in place.  Malawi’s start as a new chapter was a bit shaky but it is safe to say that now things are falling into place.

malawi new chapterThe Malawi Chapter, to date has got 10 members. These members operate in different sectors such as livestock feeds, seeds, honey, dairy, fruits and vegetables, food processing, meat, poultry and eggs, oil feeds and cassava processing.

AAA Malawi has 2 members in Blantyre, who make the Blantyre Business Club and 8 members in Lilongwe who make the Lilongwe Business Club. It is within these 2 BCz that members have been able to interact with one another especially on country level activities.

A number of activities have already taken place with the Chapter. Malawi is proud to have had one member, Mr. Andrews Gunda of JAT Investments, who attended the AAA Exhibition that took place in Kenya. “Attending AAA expo has really been an extreme eye opener for expanding my businesses and to continue being an active member for the Malawi Chapter,” he stated. Furthermore he added that before the expo he had attended the Kenya Chapter AGM, where he learnt that members consistently participated in meetings and trainings. He also attended the Dairy Training. At first he believed it would not benefit him as he operates in the horticulture sector, but after attending he felt it to be good and that pushed him to make a decision to diversify his mushroom production.

Going back to the expo, in his addition he stated that the event was both colorful and a turning point for business revolution in Africa. “I had my own stand and over-discussed mushrooms after which I had enticed more than necessary business partners, most of which are seeing Malawi as the next business destination. Surprisingly, Kenya is producing so many mushrooms and their market cannot absorb it. The opposite as you might guess for Malawi, mushroom supply is very weak at the moment.  We are considering shipping some mushroom from Kenya,” he said.

Not only are members in Malawi excited about the new Chapter but Bram, the Pan African Board Chairperson has expressed high expectations for the Malawi Chapter. He and the PAN Africa Board are excited about Malawi and its promising growth.

2016 has started off on a good note as AAA office in Malawi has been set up. The newly elected Malawi leadership is also very much excited on that. They have so much to offer for AAA in terms of activities and networking and trust members are quite ready to make it happen.