Ugandan traders to tap into Dutch market

Kampala: In an attempt to move away from aid dependency syndrome, a group of local entrepreneurs have started a platform where issues of business and investment between the Netherlands and Uganda will be the main point of engagement.


The investment platform launched by Netherlands Ambassador Alphons Hennekens recently, aims to further cement both economic and social relationship of the two countries. “The Netherlands-Uganda Trade and Investment Platform (NUTIP) aims to be the voice of the Dutch and Ugandan-Dutch linked businesses in Uganda,” reads the embassy statement posted on its facebook page.


The Investment platform will collectively lobby for improved access to each other’s market; stimulate trade and investments, share knowledge and experience among other objectives. “The embassy looks forward to promoting Dutch-Ugandan business interests together with NUTIP,” Ambassador Hennekens said during the launch of the Investment platform.


According to the co-chair of the Investment Platform, Dr Stephen Birungi, 40 companies have already expressed interest to become members of NUTIP. He said: “For us the local entrepreneurs, to reap big out of this engagement we must register in big numbers so that we can have an impact.”


He continued: “We need all entrepreneurs from all economic sectors to tap this opportunity to do business with an organised the Netherland, whose economy is well structured and organised—meaning we cannot just learn from them but prosper as well through trade.”


Presently there are about 100 Dutch companies doing business in Uganda with several of them partnering with local companies.