Uganda Western BC members share knowledge

The Western BC of Uganda Chapter is the youngest BC in Uganda, launched in February 2015. To date it has 17 active members spread across 8 districts in the Western region. The major enterprises in the area are dairy, poultry and banana growing and most of the members are engaged in at least two of the enterprises. With the networking platform that AAA provides for members during the monthly BC meeting and company visits, these members have embraced the AAA values of knowledge and being a collaborative working team.


At the BC inception members had a concern that company visits would result into poaching of skilled staff to the advantage of members who could offer better pay. However this concern does not hold anymore because beginning of May one member Mr. Bruce Benyanira of Bruce mixed farm and Enterprise skilled in banana agronomy together with his staff offered to train staff of Mr. Tayebwa Emmanuel of Mtanoga in Rushere, Kiruhura District on banana plantation agronomy, pest and disease management.


As a result of the above training, more members requested for a similar arrangements with Bruce to help increase productivity of their plantations. Similarly BC leader Mr. Matisko Nicholas who gained specialized skills for nutrition of dairy animals to increase milk production has also been approached by individual members for one-on-one mentoring in dairy cow nutrition.

The BC members are happy and always eager to participate in the monthly BC meetings. They also acknowledge the opportunity that this peer learning approach has come with enabling them to acquire new skills to grow their enterprises and getting timely real hands on experience. Mr. Tayebwa a pioneer member in the club has this to say:  “the peer trainings are very effective and encourage other BCs try it out”.