Stretching of the New BC to the North

The city of Mekelle is located at the Northern tip of Ethiopia where so many historical moments have been recorded. Recently in this city, enormous development transformation has taken place and successful entrepreneurs are becoming nationally recognized.

After scoping and scanning, in August 2015 the New BC location of Mekelle was launched. Taking a chance of participation on the regional SMEs Agri Business Exhibition, it was also possible to find some potential members who attended the exhibition. At the same time AAA visibility in the area would be made known.

Membership forms were filled and 6 potential members met AAA membership criteria. It came to our attention that all of them were awarded as model entrepreneurs of the year by the regional government in the Agri food sector.

During the course, company visits and local networking took place between the attendants and promissory business deals were observed.

Participants are very glad in getting in touch with each other through the network of AAA and were personally inspired to get involved with the mission and vision of AAA, which will add values to their businesses.