Self employment, the pride of every entrepreneur

When Yodit Hailu Weldemdhin was in high school, she admired her aunt who used to sell cakes in her small café around Megenagna. She would bring the cakes from Tea Room around Arat Kilo and sell 1500 to 2000 cakes on weekends. Looking at the many customers her aunt had back then, Yodit always thought of having a door to door cakes sale service which she believed would be much more profitable.


After graduating from college, Yodit did not go around looking for a job. As she grew up in a family that embraced having a private business than being employed, she opened a small fast food restaurant using the money she got from her father’s will. Even though she was first involved in the fast food business, her idea from high school still lingered in her mind.


Hence, she made sure her machines were suitable for food as well as the cookies and cakes she was intending to make. After some time, she closed down the food business and got employed.


While on her way to and from work, she would ask supermarkets if they were interested in homemade packed cookies for sale. Luckily, there weren’t many individuals or companies who did that business so the super markets accepted her offer delightfully. That marked the beginning of a new era in her life or as she puts it “if thought through, losing is a new point for new beginnings.”


Yodit quit her job and was back on track again making different types of cookies and cakes not only for supermarkets but also for the small shop she opened in her house. Kalos Confectionaries was born in 2002 by delivering homemade cookies to supermarkets. She now has her big baking space by Bole Michael area with 27 employees who strive to meet the everyday growing demand of the market.


For the coming year, she is planning to open one more store in town where she can sell her products in larger quantities. Diversifying her product line, coming up with other new ideas, and including employees’ health insurance in her employment policy are also part of her short term plans. Yodit is also a part time translator of self help and motivational English books.