Seed2Feed conference

AAA sponsors give a presentation at Seed2Feed conference. The Dutch Rabobank organized a conference on food security: Seed2Feed. This conference was organized as a one-time event, supported by the regional Rabobank of Westland. You will remember that region since it is the heritage of Bram Huijsman. This region is famous for vegetable growing and vegetable research, and is also housing seed companies like RijkZwaan.


The participants of the conference were specifically Dutch companies, whom are interested to deal with developing countries, and quite a number of them expressed their interest in cooperation with SME companies in Africa. Piet Heemskerk and Hans Nijhoff were present on behalf of AAA, so they had the opportunity to address the AAA as well. Possible linkages to our members will be communicated on an individual basis.


Two of AAA’s sponsors delivered a speech during this conference. The Dutch minister of development and trade addressed the conference and mentioned AAA as an excellent example of development cooperation on entrepreneurship. It happens to be in the core of her current policies. At the same conference, Strive Masiyiwa, CEO of Econet Wireless, and one of our sponsors, addressed the issue of food security as well and confirmed that the approach of AAA is the best.

If you are interested to listen to the speeches, please get to, at a later stage we will upload the two speeches onto this portal.