Rwandan members visit Kenya chapter

Having new members on board is always a welcome step in the right direction, an indication that AAA is growing and having a positive impact on entrepreneurs in the Agribusiness sector. We were privileged to host five new members from Rwanda in Kenya for a tour of agribusiness projects in Nairobi, Machakos and Meru counties from 10-12 March 2014.


In the visiting team was Ruzibiza Paulin who runs Rwanda Best, which deals in horticulture, chicken rearing and milk production. Gatarayiha Norce Elysee, Manager at Norelga Macadamia Rwanda Limited, the lead distributor of macadamia in Rwanda. Rwanda Air is a major beneficiary of the nuts. Juvenal Ndayisenga runs a Bio-Hap, a horticultural and Agricultural processing unit. Emmanuel Ntihinyurwa from Megavet East Africa and Okape Grain Millers and Frank Bakx from Rabobank Foundation also joined us.


The first day we welcomed the Rwandans to a brief meeting at Fairview Country Lodge where the visitors were taken through the undertakings of AAA Kenya chapter, importance of business plan writing, what COPs are and the key elements of the work plan.


We proceeded to the field 300 kilometres from Nairobi on 11 March 2014 and visited Kilimo Talii, an Agro-tourism facility run by Charles Gitau. From there we proceeded to Meru Greens Limited. Gerald Muthomi’s wife Rosemary gave a presentation on value chain management and addition and outlined to the team how their company has benefitted through AAA membership.  The Rwanda team was impressed with the quality and texture of bananas ripened by the company.

Day three, the team visited Hillside Green Growers and Exporters offices in Nairobi where Eunice Mwongera explained to the team the undertakings of the business which deals with small holder farmers in Mt Kenya region in fruit and vegetable horticulture for local and export markets.


Next, a stop over was made at Quest Laboratories Limited where Fredrick Muthuri explained how his company provides support systems and solutions to agricultural and livestock producers, smallholder farmers and environmental concerns within the East African region.


From there the team left to Machakos County to visit Dryland Seed Limited. Ngila Kimotho took the team to the company warehouse to see how sorting, cleaning and packaging of seed is carried out. We thereafter went to the shop where the seeds are sold to farmers.


The trip was informative and the Rwanda team was impressed with the operations of all the companies they visited.  We welcome the Rwanda team on board and look forward to the launch of the AAA Rwanda Chapter.