Rearing chicken on large scale in Ethiopia

Etefa Merga Woyessa the owner of Abaynesh Teklemariam Animal Production (ATAP) started his business in 2012. The company, based in Ethiopia Oromia Regional State deals in poultry and dairy production. Concentration is on poultry where the company buys one day old chicks, grows them into pullets and sells them at 2 months.


Abaynesh also retains some pullets which are grown in layers for egg production. The pullets are sold to women groups, the community and other organisations. It also offers them trainings and links them to the market. In the event the women groups fail to get market ATAP also acts as a market for the eggs from the women groups to whom they sell the pullets to.


The organization is operating on 660sq with a capacity of 7000 birds of which 3000 are layers and 4000 pullets. From the 3,000 laying birds, egg production is 1,700 eggs on a daily basis. This can be increased when the company accesses more land and increases the number of birds.


Woyessa joined AAA in 2014 and notes that he has benefitted a great deal especially from the trainings. “The training on Business Plan writing has been helpful in shaping my expansion plans and looking forward to receive funds to invest now with clear and bankable plans.”


The entrepreneur is also doing business with AAA member Abel Mekonnen of Friendship Agro Industry PLC in Ethiopia from whom he buys cages for egg laying.