Poultry business booming for Farm Support !

Farm Support Ltd. was among the exhibitors at this year’s Aviana Poultry show for Africa held in Kampala this year. We got a certificate and I assure you that our stall was one of the most visited. It attracted the most interest because of the revolutionary feeding we are championing in partnership with Koudijs/de Heus (The Netherlands) a passionate supporter to the AAA cause. The Hon Minister Animal Industry visited our stall and was thrilled by what he saw. Mr. Harry Schimmel (The Export Manager – Koudijs) was actually personally attending to farmers who visited our stall!


One of the draw backs to a thriving poultry industry, which – to a large extent – helps the small scale farmers is quality feed. Suppliers of ingredients for feed adulterate some of the vital sources of protein e.g mukene (silver fish) by adding sand (to gain on kilos) etc. Very unimaginable things are done by these people.


By bringing concentrate to the market which has most of the required nutrients, farmers’ productivity will shoot up and so will there be a commensurate rise in household incomes and food security. We think that it is not only the medium or large scale farmer who should professionalize and commercialize their operations. However small a farmer is, they should use quality inputs (from Farm Support Ltd.) for a superior return on their investment. That is where we come in and that is why we are going the extra mile to bring the vet factory to Uganda as well – to answer this call.


We are doing this in the spirit of Firm-farmer relations as championed by Agriprofocus and AAA. This is project fiche 7 of AAA activities under the CoP Partnership for Productivity which I am proud to head.


Thanks to AAA for bringing my company in contact with Koudijs/de Heus