New members to join AAA

The recruitment drive in February this year saw 120 potential members participating in recruitment meetings across the five country chapters. Rwanda registered the highest number of potential members in the first quarter. From the five business clubs, 25 potential members were identified to join the AAA Rwanda Chapter.  


Some of the new members even paid their membership fees directly at the recruitment meeting. The Northern Business Club had 32 potential members attending the recruitment meeting.


From the Tanzania Chapter, 11 members joined where Mbeya BC was formed with 8 members on board.


Western Uganda recruitment and orientation meeting had 15 potential members. “Three business deals were made among the members, we went round for the company visits and a lot of information was shared on partnerships and other opportunities,” revealed the Country Chairman Uganda, Farid Karama.


Northern Uganda BC recruitment drive had 10 potential members at the recruitment meeting, while Central BC had 12. The Eastern BC meeting was hosted by Ambassador Phillip Idro (potential Member) at his company Upland Rice Millers Ltd in Jinja with 8 potential members shortlisted.


They were privileged to tour the rice factory and learn from the experience. Another visit was made to Theresa Winery where the Director of the winery Theresa shared a lot. She inspired the members with her story on how she moved from being a nurse to a wine brewer.


In Ethiopia where the BC concept was being appreciated for the first time, the Business Club meeting in Bahir-Dar had 6 potential members in dairy and poultry. The Secretary General Patrick Nalere and Project Officer, Floor Peters, who attended the recruitment drive elaborated more on the activities and benefits of the BCs. He also commended the new members for their unreserved effort towards AAA and vowed his commitment.


“If your business does not grow, I have not done my job as Secretary General,” said Patrick.


The Hawassa BC in the south of Ethiopia was also formed with eight members on board. Meretech Mekonnen is the group leader. From the recruitment meetings, the Ethiopia Chapter got 30 potential members. The members are keen to find out how the BC sharing will help grow their businesses.

“This is a new concept for us as members and we shall try our best to be in the frontline in sharing information and learning from each other during the company visits,” noted Meretech.


In Kenya, there were 20 potential members from the Eastern and Western BCs respectively. The Nairobi Business Club had 12 potential members. The SG encouraged the members upon confirmation to actively participate in the BC activities in order to realize the benefits of being in AAA.


The potential members come from sectors such as dairy, food processing, poultry, banana, animal feeds, sisal processing, flour milling among others. The country boards will approve the members based on the set membership criteria. The recruitment drive will continue into the second quarter as we work in line with our mandate of growing AAA membership.