Kisoro Pure Honey making its mark

Kisoro Community Associated Beekeepers Limited was formed in 2005 and began operations in 2009. Trading under the name Kisoro Pure Honey, the owner Doreen Kwiringira says that the company works with close to 350 beekeepers to whom they give training construction of hives, candles and apiary management.


“We also buy honey, propolis and beeswax worth $ 67,255 annually from the beekeepers which we trade as Kisoro Pure Honey there by providing market for the community we are working with in Kisoro region.”


Doreen joined AAA last year and is participating under the central Business Club. She is doing business with the Hive Group, who supply them with bee keeping equipment. Through AAA, she notes that she has benefitted through networking with members on business ideas and the trainings offered.


“Training in business plan writing has been very helpful and this has helped in shaping my business plan idea. I will be submitting for the first time for funding to AECF thanks to AAA.