Hillside Green Ltd. awarded ‘African Agribusiness Entrepreneur of 2013’

Hillside Green Ltd. is awarded ‘African Agribusiness Entrepreneur of 2013’. We were nominated as the SME of year 2013 for posting positive index reports as the best SME for outstanding business acheivent in agricultural input and value added industry in Africa. 


The award is supported by Market matters inc, an intiative of Cornel university in the usa by looking at:


  1. a)      Good corporate governance
  2. b)      Professional financial management system
  3. c)       Well versed SME management, networked
  4. d)      Clarity business objectives and strategies but above all
  5. e)      Contribution in the transformation of rural farmers life by offering markets, training supports, inputs in the faring of horticulture.
  6. f)       Consistency in business acumen/growth in mentorship since research was first done on hillside in 2009


The enclosed gives details of the award that hillside received a week ago in SA cape town.


Eunice K. Mwongera (BA Hons, MBA)

CEO & Founder