Ethiopia excelling in networking

AAA in Ethiopia during its BC meeting in Addis places increased attention on networking with related organisations. Past month, the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs Program -(AWEP) was invited to participate in one of Addis’ BC meetings. Also a guest of honor, president of Enat Bank, was present at this meeting. Topics such as women privileged Credit facilities and collateral issues were discussed. In fact in this bank a significant number of the shareholders are women and its top management is owned by women. The name Enat means in Amharic-Mother.

The Director of the Ethiopian Investment Agency was also attending the meeting and briefly presented the favorable conditions and some of the incentives given to women by the agency in particular and the Ethiopian government in general. Two new potential members were scoped during the meeting and the Africa Agribusiness Academy in Ethiopia disseminates information to our women members to attend the upcoming meeting of AWEP in alliance with AAA. The bank will also be approached by AAA for further collaboration. Two existing member Mrs. Mahder Admassu (Mahder Food processing Plc) and Rahel Hiruy (Damascenes Herbal and Essential oils Plc.) mention that these networking opportunities are vital for their business.

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