CoP planning meeting kicks off in Arusha

The 2015 CoP activity planning meeting started on a high note. The meeting was attended by the CoP Leaders and Chapter Coordinators from the five countries of operation. The Business Clubs will play a key role in aligning its activities with the CoP activities.


In the different thematic groups, some key issues were outlined. The group discussing the activities for Partnerships for Productivity (P4P) noted that the sectoral and thematic CoP goals needed to be clearly mapped out so that they can be clearly communicated with the members.  The Country Coordinator Uganda Mable Namala noted that it was important that the members understand the CoP concept to leave a lasting impression on its activities.


Stephen Birungi the P4P CoP leader said that the CoP would make a huge difference in terms of output for the member companies. With underlying activities such as search for new technologies, business innovations, supplies and marketing value chains, these will assist in pushing companies to the next level to ultimately improve productivity.


Within the Honey CoP which is more sectoral, Country Director Uganda Farid Karama who is also the Honey CoP lead noted that merging the honey and coffee activities would be a great step in consolidating the activities of the CoP. The Secretary General noted that there was need and opportunity of coming up with manuals on best practices in the sectoral CoPs- honey, dairy, poultry and seed.

Project Director Hans Nijhoff under CoP Finance highlighted the need to synthesize all the information from the BC meetings to be uploaded as resources for the members. Elijah Kangara, Star Café Managing Director reiterated the need to document success stories of funding beneficiaries. “There should be a system of following up Business Planning participants all the way to funding.”


Hans also noted the need to have trainings on financial management systems under the new product development line and the importance of being linked to relevant organizations in order to keep tabs on emerging business opportunities.

From the CoP Entreprenuership discussion, Ngila Kimotho who is the lead noted that the CoP presence will be felt more through the streamlining of BC and CoP activities. Through the synergy formed, members will be more aware of the thematic and sectoral CoP activities and in turn play a role in improving their businesses through the interaction and knowledge gained.