Business Planning roundtrip Uganda: Manesseh Acidri

Manesseh Acidri (based in Arua) is a chili processor who supplies own seed to the farmers. He works with 150 farmer groups with 20-30 farmers per group. In order to manage the considerable number of farmers, Manesseh established a cooperative and an associate of which all these 150 groups (representatives) are now members. At this moment he works with in between 4000 and 5000 farmers. Through SACCO’s, finance for drying equipment is provided to farmer groups and Manesseh buys in bulk the dried whole fruits, which are consequently sold for export through a Kampala-based buyer that exports to the European union andexports to clients in Kenya.


Manesseh started his company in 2007 buying only 450 kg of fruit. This amount grew to 70.000 kg in 2012 and this will double to 150.000 kg in 2013. His current clients and potential new clients/importers wish that Manesseh increases his volumes for export, thereby providing him with a secure demand for growth. The investment period / project phase runs from 2013-2017 where rowth in KGs (volumes), will grow from the present 150.000 kg to 1 Mln kg in 2017. This means that he will work with the present 4000 farmers in 2013 to over 12.000 farmers in 2017 spread over 30 counties in 5 districts. One typical farmer holds 1-2 acres of land; with 2 seasons per year a farmer will roughly earn 2000 USD per additional acre per year as a result of growing chili (compared to food crops such as maize, which they currently produce).