Branding & Packaging trainings at BC level

Capacity building for Members remains a core role for the Africa Agribusiness Academy (AAA). In the last quarter of 2014, AAA began Branding and Packaging Training, exclusively for AAA Members from all the five Countries. The Training arose from a need to assist members shift from selling ‘Products’, and to start rolling out ‘Brands’ in their respective markets.


The Branding and Packaging Trainings began in Arusha, Tanzania last year, followed by Nairobi, Kenya at the beginning of this year. In the just concluded quarter, similar Trainings have been done in Uganda (April), Rwanda in May and Ethiopia in June 2015. Unlike the Tanzania and Kenya Trainings where Members travelled to the hosting country, the Quarter 2 trainings involved the Trainer travelling to the Member countries and in some cases, the Trainer with assistance of Country Coordinators went further to the BC locations in different countries to conduct the Trainings.


ComStrat & Design Limited was contracted by AAA, through the Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen UR to conduct the Branding Trainings for Members. The sessions’ trainer Perminus Kariuki has experience in the areas of branding, marketing and overall corporate communication. He has also been involved in various communication related assignments around Agribusiness. In the Branding and Packaging trainings for AAA Members, Perminus was ably assisted by AAA Country-Coordinators for the respective countries – Charity Mable in Uganda, Celestin Hakizamungu in Rwanda and Kalkidan Kassaye in Ethiopia.


The Training Modules included; Definition of ‘Branding’, Growing Brand Equity, Branding Strategies, Brand Positioning for different scenarios, Competitor Analysis, Understanding the Consumer and the Levels and Functions of Packaging and Labeling. Members were able to understand and demystify various common terms used around branding and packaging. From the training, the members were not only able to understand the process of branding their products, but were also able to identify growth avenues for their forthcoming brands.


“I thought I have maximized my offering to the market with my product, but from this training I now realise new strategies I could employ and introduce new brands using the heritage of our current brand! I will be contacting the trainer soon for After-Care to seek his guide on something I’m now thinking about…”, said Mr Manasseh Acidiri from Geoffman Enterprises, Northern Uganda BC.

A successful Rwanda Agribusiness entrepreneur Mr Havugimana Said from Haji Enterprise was among the participants at the Rwanda Southern BC training. “I already have brands, but I have now learned more on the importance and opportunities that come with high Brand Equity.’ Similar sentiments were expressed by Yodit Hailu of Kalos Confectioneries in Ethiopia. “The Training was very interactive and engaging. For my business, I’ve been thinking of coming up with a slogan for my brand and today, I have learned the guidelines for this… I’m happy to have participated in this Training. I’ll be contacting Perminus for more of his support’, she remarked.


Overall, Members found value in the Trainings and were glad to learn that they can still contact Perminus directly for an ‘After-Care’ session. This is a one-on-one telephone consultancy session with the Trainer, to provide support and guide as they roll out their Branding journeys. The Trainings also involved group assignments and presentations. Members had the chance to present their product-samples to fellow Members as one of the ‘Branding Training exercises’.