Branding and Packaging in AAA Rwanda Chapter

Branding and Packaging is a vital component of a competitive product, especially in the global market where packaging is often the major differentiating factor between one product and the next. Packaging can also be one of the major driving factors for the success of one brand over another.


The Branding and Packaging training was developed by Africa Agribusiness Academy (AAA) to address some of the weaknesses in regional product development and product presentation.  Addressing the specific limitations which regional brands face in preparing their products’ packaging for export this training primarily provides information on the standards required for particular markets, with the local and international market as a focus. 


The Africa Agribusiness Academy Rwanda Chapter, a platform of members involved in agribusiness  started working in August 2014 with a Head office in Kigali and the chapter has 31 members grouped in Five business Clubs, Kigali, East, South, North and West. The chapter planned a three-day round-trip of Branding and packaging training for their members end of May.


The training was planned at Business Club level in Nyanza on 25 May, in Rusizi on 27 and in Kigali on 29 May 2015. During three days, Mr Perminus Kariuki a Facilitator from Nairobi (Kenya) explained 30 members how they can ameliorate their Branding and Packaging in order to compete and become a market leader in case.


After the training the members decided to do well the branding and packaging of their products because it will help improve their company’s image and to the appeal of their products. As well as satisfying the needs of their customers and maximizing the profit.