Biogas for energy conservation

Charles Ngure the owner of Kenbi Enterprises began installing biogas units to farmers in 2009. In 2011, he registered his business and continued to provide energy and environmental support to farmers.


He also trains farmers on organic farming, entrepreneurship and energy conservation. Charles is also involved in horticulture, poultry and dairy as a business. In the same year, he became a member of AAA.


“With the knowledge I have acquired from the business plan training, I have been able to get funding from Equity Bank, the networking has helped in getting business referrals where the members link me to farmers who require the installations,” avers Charles.


Charles is doing business with Chrispine Kinyanjui of Kamahuha Banana Growers. He has greatly been instrumental in linking him to farmers for the biogas installations. He has conducted farmer training sessions especially to those in dairy on how they can move from wood energy to biogas.


The exposure he has got through the interaction with members from Ethiopia and Uganda have given him business ideas and gained knowledge on dairy keeping and banana farming. Since he began he has overseen over 150 biogas installations. He also trains farmers on how to use the bio-slurry (waste) as organic fertilizer.


He hopes to get business linkages and more capacity building through the trainings conducted by AAA. “In future I would like to be linked to partners and funding organizations in order to expand my business.”