Action research blog entry

On the 4th of August 2015, a decision was concluded that AAA action research was to take place in five different countries, namely Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

The research title is based on; “How business growth of an SME agrifood company benefits the (small-scale) emerging farmers it works with (in size, yield and income) [for new farmers and/or existing farmers]”.

The objective of the research is to gain a better insight on the effect (impact) that SME business growth has/can have on the growth of ‘its’ farmers (size yield, income). In specific, this includes;

  • the effect of growth of SMEs on farmers concerning their land size in acres,
  • number of units (cows, trees, etc.),
  • quantity and quality of yield and other products,
  • height of income, gender relations,
  • business opportunities for the next generation and existing youth opportunities,
  • amount and quality of the assets (house, cars, motor, radio, mobile, TV, fridge etc.), business and
  • market opportunities.

The action research team consists of 6 members, Hans (AAA project director), Simone (AAA M&E and Value chain Expert), Margareth (action research coordinator), Charles Gitau (hired consultant), Elijah (hired consultant) and Isaac (hired software engineer). The team is spearheaded by Simone and Hans, and coordinated by Margareth.

In the course of the research, a total of 42 SMEs and 3 of their respective farmers will be interviewed, making a total of 169 interviews which will be completed by 30th November 2015. In the mean time, the action research team is preparing to meet for a midterm review and data analysis, with final reporting scheduled for end of March 2016.

We are looking forward for a very useful and eye opening report.

Until now we have conducted 73 interviews. I would like to officially inform you that hired consultants (Mr Charles Gitaua, Elijah Kang’ara) and the action research coordinator Ms. Margareth Komu will be visiting your countries to collect data from sampled AAA members and their respective farmers.