A one stop farm in Kajiado County

Orienza farm sits on a 20 acre piece of land. The land is rich with trials of different food and vegetable varieties such as onions, potatoes, coriander, maize, beetroot, cassava, black beans, green grams, sweet potatoes. Ndegwa Mbuthia who is the farm manager grows sugarcane, spinach, kale, tissue culture bananas and black peas on large scale. In between the sugarcane plantations are rows of arrowroots.


The farm is currently partnering with Daystar University in an Agribusiness Mentorship Programme. The university will teach the theory part of it while the practical bit will be done at his farm. He has prepared and equipped demo plots with drip irrigation lines which will be assigned to the students. They will be trained to acquire the necessary skills and technical knowhow on farming.

The plots will also be used to train individuals and other young people who are interested in different farming techniques and need the knowledge. Those already practicing agriculture are also welcome to visit the farm and get more skills and training.


A number of animals are also reared at the farm. Initially, the farm was home to 1000 plus pigs but not anymore. Brokers in the pig industry make pig farming difficult due to the poor market prices. Pig feed is also costly thus making many farmers opt out of the business. As a result, Mbuthia was forced to sell them off but retained two of them because of the breeds. He soon hopes to revive the piggery line.


There are five dairy cows from which he sells the milk to the locals. He also has sheep, geese, local chicken and quails for the meat. The farm is also habitat to bees and he harvests 10 kilograms of honey per hive. There are also 2 fish ponds and a dam. Mbuthia is in the process of starting rice farming to increase the number of crop varieties in the farm.


Orienza also acts as a getaway facility and campsite. Young adults and youth come to relax and enjoy the serene environment. The woodland in the farm that comprises of pine and bottom brush trees gives the ideal set up for camping. The bees benefit from the woodland and the sunflower in the farm.

The farm has a borehole to ensure constant supply of water throughout. He also has set aside a section where he manufactures feed for the animals.