Role of SME’s in food security in Africa

“Role of SME’s in food security in Africa, inclusive business by African entrepreneurs”

The quickest and most efficient way to reach food security in Africa is to support smallholder farmers to feed themselves and produce marketable surpluses. To achieve this, increased agricultural productivity and “markets that work for the poor” are essential. Agricultural value chain development with a critical role for small and medium agrifood enterprises (SMEs), and with fair rewards for every link in the chain, is imperative to create markets for sustainable results.

Key to successful agricultural development is improvement of local entrepreneurship in agribusiness. In this context, three years ago a group of visionary entrepreneurs established the Africa Agribusiness Academy (AAA). The aim of AAA is to stimulate SME growth in the agrifood sector of Africa following an inclusive business model: providing access to markets for smallholder farmers at fair conditions. Eunice Mwongera of Kenya – Board member of the Academy and entrepreneur herself – will elucidate how inclusive business works in practice to the benefit of both farmers and SMEs.

The speaker will be AAA member, mrs. Eunice K. Mwongera (BA Hons, MBA) from Africa, of Hillside Green, Nairobi, Kenya. 
Co-referent is mr. ir. Wim Andriesse. He wil assist mrs. Mwongera in the debate about the small & medium entreprises’ role in food security.

Date & time: Wednesday 15 January 2014 from 19.00 – 22.30 hrs. 
Free entrance thanks to generous sponsoring by the Wageningen Ambassadors
Registration is required
Organization: Wageningen Academy and KLV
Language of communication: English.