Teso Farmers Agribusiness to transform the seed sector through AAA partnership building

LSB seed inspection by Abi ZARDI director. Curtsey Francis Okot.ISSD Uganda

Teso Farmers Agribusiness Centre (TEFAC) is a private limited liability company, formerly operating as a sole proprietor business since 2009, and incorporated in 2012. Since its establishment the company has been able to carry out agribusiness activities; such as trainings in agronomic practices, supplying of quality farm agri-inputs, buying and bulking farm produce, in order to facilitate rural farmers increase their productivity. The company works with over 5,000 smallholder farmers in the districts of Teso Region (Eastern Uganda). However, the number of farmer outreach is set to increase with the new partnership link from AAA to The Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Uganda Programme. TEFAC is expanding to the Northern Uganda and this is one of the benefits of continued networking activities that AAA has provided to its members to identify business opportunities.

The journey started late 2014, where TEFAC was able to identify ISSD an organization that works at developing the seed sector in the country where it applied for a matching grant. In order receive a €10,000 grant TEFAC credible recommendation was needed which was done objectively by AAA. The grant was received in June 2015 and implementation of the capacity building trainings is under way for 5 local seed businesses (LSBs) in Northern Uganda Agago (3) and Pader (2) districts. The aim is to enable LSBs produce quality seed of locally adapted crops and varieties for local markets and in turn become commercially sustainable local businesses. After a series of training one of the expected results is to have LSBs that are well organized and technically equipped for quality seed production. TEFAC is confident that the partnership will leverage its efforts to ensure that the farmers whom they buy from produce have quality seed which guarantees them quality produce for consumption and the market. The manager Mr. Philip Odii says that the collaboration with ISSD will see TEFAC impacting 150 farmers as direct beneficiaries and upto 300 farmers through a multiplier effect.

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